Some of the top 7 best hydrosols and their benefits

Gone are those days, when people became victim of the false promises done by cosmetic products through advertisement and marketing. But now people are becoming more and more aware about these products and have started knowing about these products and have become alert while choosing cosmetic products for their daily use.

organic hydrosols

With rising trend of organic hydrosols that are natural products which are extracted and processed from their parental plants, you don’t need to look for any cosmetic products, as these are promising enough for your needs.

Today, we are going to introduce with some of the best hydrosols or flower water as they are also called. It will certainly make you convinced with their properties and the benefits which they give to you. After knowing them, you will certainly prefer to buy them and will make them a useful element for your daily requirement.

(1.) Aniseed hydrosol: Being a natural anti-septic, Aniseeds hydrosols are beneficial for the treatment of skin problems which contains detoxifying properties. Those who have hair fall problems must use it, as it helps in re-growth of hair and repairs the damaged hair. Other than this it is also helpful in reducing menstrual cramps.

Aniseed hydrosol

(2.) Chamomile blue hydrosol: These organic hydrosols possess many herbal benefits that are helpful in curing many diseases. They are best in treatment of problems like inflammations, allergies and rashes. Those who have dry and itchy skin must use this hydrosol to get better results.

Chamomile blue hydrosol

(3.) Eucalyptus hydrosol: This hydrosol is beneficial for reducing the effect of Bronchitis. It also relieves people from dental problems and improves the condition of gingivitis in people. Because of its anti-fungal properties, it is helpful in getting rid of head lice very fast. On online platform, you can find these organic flower waters from different hydrosols suppliers in India, which provides the best range of hydrosols in India.

Eucalyptus hydrosol

(4.) Grapefruit hydrosol: Because of its sweet aroma, it is very much preferred in aromatherapy. It is best to use for hair by simply applying it in the form of hair spray. Other than this, it is also used to alleviate itchiness and insect bites on the skin.

Grapefruit hydrosol

(5.) Khus hydrosol: Khus hydrosols are very beneficial in treating problems like inflammations in nervous system and are also very helpful for people who face sunstroke and dehydration. It also helps in fighting mental ailments like stress, headache and anxiety. It brings down the body temperature in the fever. If you want to remove excess oils from the face, then use this hydrosol.

Khus hydrosol

(6.) Lemon hydrosol: Lemon hydrosols are very amazing flower water which helps you in increasing mind alertness and treatment of skin problems like cellulite and greasy skin. If you are suffering from scalp-related diseases, then you must use this hydrosol to get better results. Other than this, it also cleanses the skin and is very effective in removing spots, cuts and blemishes.

Lemon hydrosol

(7.) Orange blossom oil: This hydrosol is the best toner for oily skin which reduces redness on the affected skin and helps in making it soft and radiant. Those who have some sort of mental illness can use this as better remedy to get relief from stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Orange blossom oil

So these are some of those best hydrosols which give you so many benefits related to your health and skin. Log on to, which is a wonderful online place to buy these natural hydrosols online at really affordable prices.

Natural Essential Oils for Gorgeous and Clear Skin

Do you wish to use natural organic products for your skincare? Are artificial cosmetics harming your skin? Well, you can switch to pure essential oils and nature-kissed botanical extracts in place of synthetic cosmetics that are full of chemical ingredients.

Natural Essential Oils

Many people have the misconception that essential oils are only used in the making of fragrances. These strong potent essences are also used for producing high-quality cosmetics. Normally, essential oils are only to be used in a diluted state when they are applied directly to the skin. Essential oil manufacturers cater to a large number of cosmetic companies, who produce natural and skin-friendly range of cosmetics that are endowed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

While there are innumerable essential oil benefits, let us look at 5 best purest form of essential oils used to gain beautiful skin:

(1.) Basil

Basil Essential Oil

Basil leaves are one of the best natural medications that can be used to soothe nasty insect bites. Basil essential oil is best suited for sensitive skin type. You can try diluting basil oil with a carrier oil for applying on an insect bite area. This mixture can also be used as essence drops added with massage oil to relax sore muscles

(2.) Lavender

Lavender Oils

Lavender essential oil can heal all kinds of skin irritations, cuts and scratches. It can be used by people having normal, sensitive and oily skin type.  You can buy pure quality lavender lemonade body sprayer for getting some cooling effect.

(3.) Geranium

Geranium Oil Suppliers

Geranium essential oil can condition the skin. It acts as a wonderful moisturizing base for all three skin types. This oil basically controls and balances the oil secretion of the skin. You can add geranium essential oil to water and use it as a moisturizing spray.

(4.) Frankincense

Frankincense oils

Frankincense essences help treat aging skin. The oil can restore the elasticity and tightness of the skin. It can also reduce skin pigmentation. The essential oil is used by top cosmetic companies in the world. You can add some drops of frankincense essential oils in your face wash.

(5.) Lemon-grass


Large ugly skin pores and acne issues can be treated with lemon-grass essential oils. It is a very effective oil with multi-purpose usage. Skin experts use it as a skin toner, astringent, and scrub. Lemon-grass body lotions can be used liberally on the skin to keep it glowing and repel bugs.

Organic nature-based oils, derived from trees and varied plant bases, act as natural preserving agents for the skin. They are widely used by women for making crude home-made cosmetics. Such products are chemical-free and 100% pure. They emit subtle or strong fragrances that affect our limbic system in a positive way. Some oils have mood-enhancing abilities, others can relax your limbs and drive away stress. Essential oils are also known to stimulate the nervous system and metabolic processes.

You can opt for online purchase or search for land-based natural essential oil suppliers near your location. Aromaaz International, one of the biggest online suppliers and manufacturers of aromatic essential oils, offers a wide range of related products to customers.  Here, you can buy choicest natural oils at cost effective prices.

Guide To Dilute Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. Different kinds of oils are being put into use for keeping the hair, skin and mind healthy. Once you procure organic essential oils from the market, you must be able to use them with the right amount of dilution. Since the pure essential oils have a highly concentrated and volatile nature, a comprehensive guide on the perfect dilution is extremely necessary for everyone’s safety.


Main Purpose Of Diluting The Essential Oils

Essential oils and safety are inevitably connected to each other. Using the essential oils from the bottle directly, without any dilution can make your skin feel irritated or even make it worse.  Thus, it has been said that the dilution of essential oils is critical for two definite reasons.

One is to avoid all kinds of skin reactions, phototoxicity, sensitization, and irritation.  Two is to avoid systemic toxicity like hepatotoxicity, fetotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenicity. So there is a sure need to dilute the essential oils that you might use on your skin or hair.

Hair proctative oils

Moreover, if you manage to dilute the essential oils with various carrier oils then it would prevent it from evaporating fast as it would do in the absence of carrier oils. The specific reduction in the volatility of the oil would mean that the therapeutic properties of the organic essential oils are getting absorbed into your skin.

Choose The Appropriate Carrier Oil As Per Your Preference

While the carrier oils might seem to be the obvious option for diluting the pure essential oils, they are definitely not your only choice. You can use various shampoos, butter, lotions, creams, castile soap, aloe jellies and conditioners as your choice for diluting the oils. There would be a number of products with natural preservatives that might suit your requirements.

Avocado Carrier Oil

So once you are done with the selection of carrier oils for your purpose, make sure that you understand the rate of dilution before application. Whether you would like to opt for 1% or 2%, 3% or 10% dilution,  it should totally depend upon the properties of the oils as well as your requirement.

Extra Care While Diluting Essential Oils For Kids

If you are willing to use the essential oils in India for your younger children, you should be extra careful with the dilution procedure. As children have porous, thin skin that manages to absorb everything that is applied topically, it is advisable not to use the essential oils on the infants.


In the case of children aging from 2-6 years old, it is recommended to use 1%-2% dilution before being applied to the body. This would make sure that the kid is safe and the oils would be put to better use.

So if you are looking forward to purchasing the best essential oils in India, you must get in touch with Aromaaz International. Here you would find a huge variety of oils at affordable prices. All you have to do is check out their website and procure the ones you like.    


7 Surprising Health Benefits of Clove Oil Everyone Should Know

Just like essential oils, spice oils have garnered immense popularity not just because of the taste and aroma they add to the dishes, but also for the various health benefits they provide to its users. These incredible spice oils are extracted from various spices like cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, etc., used in almost every household of the world, to draw maximum benefits of these spices.

Spice oils suppliers

Clove oil is one such incredible spice oil extracted from buds of the clove plant that is well-known for especially providing relief from any oral health problems. Whether it is about fighting bad breath, relieving toothache, or treating oral infections, this wonderful oil cures them all. But the benefits of this spiced oil is not limited to the mouth and throat, they are widespread and very effective in nature.

Benefits of Clove Oil

(1.) Promotes good oral health


This benefit of the clove oil deserves to be the first one. The huge amounts of benefits that this oil provides in promoting good oral health have made it an important ingredient in almost all the toothpaste. The presence of Eugenol compound and strong anti-germs properties in the clove oil makes it effective in fighting against oral problems like bad breath, toothache, mouth ulcers, and sore gums. Add 2-3 drops of this oil in a glass of lukewarm water to gargle. This will keep your mouth and throat healthy and germ-free.

(2.) Combat infections

Spice Oils Wholesaler


Clove oil is naturally blessed with loads of antiseptic properties that help in hampering the development of infections on the wounds, cuts, insect bites, and fungal infections. Before applying it on the affected areas, dilute this oil with a coconut or olive oil to avoid skin sensitivity.

(3.) Improves immunity

spice oil manufacturer

The antioxidants in the clove oil increase the count of the white blood cells in the body, thereby boosts the immunity. These cells eliminate the free radicals and harmful toxins from the body and prevent diseases like cancer and heart ailments from causing any damage to the body.

(4.) Effectively treats respiratory diseases


The anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties present in this spiced oil effectively treat the respiratory diseases like common cold, cough, sore throat, and sinus. It clears the phlegm stuck in the nasal and respiratory passages and provides a cooling effect on both the passages.

(5.) Aids digestion

Relief from Cold and Cough

Clove oil is an age-old remedy to treat digestion related disorders like flatulence and indigestion. The presence of eugenol compound in this oil effectively deals with the stomach-related health issues and eases them.

(6.) Alleviate headaches

The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil kick away the pain of the chronic headaches and impart a cooling effect on the pain. This property of the clove oil also treats inflammation of the joints and muscles very effectively. Combine 2-3 drops of clove oil in some salt and apply it on the forehead for immediate relief.

(7.) Skin-friendly


Clove oil massively used in lotions, creams, ointments, and face washes. Ever wondered why? Because the Eugenol compound in clove oil contains antibacterial properties that make the oil suitable for skin applications. This compound kills the bacteria that causes acne, infections, and reduces swelling on the body.

Final word

After going through all these amazing benefits of the clove oil, you must be thinking of buying this oil. There is a flood of Spice oils suppliers in the market manufacturing and supplying pure spice oils to their customers. is a trusted online store from where you can purchase this healthy and pure clove oil to avail its myriad of benefits.

Give your Home & Body a Healthy Boost of these 5 Amazing Certified Organic Oils

Have you ever wondered why organic oils are taking the whole world by storm? All the credit goes to the myriad of benefits they provide to its buyers. Whether we talk of food, cosmetics or even health products, the word “organic” has garnered immense popularity in recent times. Similarly, when we think of buying an essential oil, we always have a preference for an organic one.


Organic essential oils have won a wider space in the field of aromatherapy and many age-old medicinal systems. This has forced the scientific community to explore more about these essential oils and how these oils can be used for treating other severe diseases like cancer, heart strokes, HIV, etc.

Owing to their much acclaimed popularity, the manufacturers of these organic essential oils are getting their products certified from reputed scientific organizations. This certification helps in reaffirming the faith of people in the brand and they don’t have to look check for the authenticity of the certified organic oils.

Have a glance at some amazing certified organic oils that are total health boosters for a beautiful home and healthy body.

Certified Organic Oils

(1.) Organic Lemon Essential Oil – For a Sparkling and a Germ-Free Home!

Believe it or not, lemon is one of the favorite smells that people like to have as a home freshner or in cleaning agents. Lemon is a renowned remedy when it comes to removing of stains, whether from the skin or from any other surfaces. Organic lemon essential oil is a concentrated version of the lemon essence that surely gives a feeling of a sanitized and a germ-free home.

(2.) Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil – Say Adieu to all your Health Problems!

Organic tea tree oil is undoubtedly a “miracle in a bottle”. Whether it is about treating cold, pimples, reducing dandruff, keeping pests away from your plants, or making your home smell great, this essential oil does it all. Tea tree essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties which makes it a total cure for all your health problems. If we talk about the fragrance of this oil, it is not just soothing but tremendously helpful in keeping the germs away from our home.

(3.) Organic Rosemary Essential Oil- Keeps Bugs at Bay!

The beautiful fragrance of the rosemary essential oil is well-known in keeping the bugs like moths, mosquitoes, houseflies, etc. at bay. This essential oil also helps in boosting the concentration levels of a person while studying or working.

(4.) Organic Basil Essential Oil- More than just a cold remedy!

There is nobody in this world that is unaware of the wide range of benefits basil plant provides to its users. The organic basil essential oil extracted from the basil plant is equally beneficial for our health as its natural form. This is an amazing and beneficial essential oil when used in aromatherapies. Some of the incredible benefits of this oil are- it help in relaxing the brain muscles, reducing stress and anxiety, treats cold and cough, purifies blood, promoted healthy skin, etc.

(5.) Organic Black Pepper Essential Oil- Oil that promotes overall health!

Just like black pepper, the organic black pepper essential oil is a wonderful remedy for a healthy body. The spice is not just valued as a flavoring agent, but is also used for other purposes as well like it promotes good digestion, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, detoxify the body, alleviate body pain, etc. The spice also has an active compound called piperine which helps in the treatment of cancer.

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If you are a health enthusiast, then these essential oils are definitely a perfect pick for you. At, you can avail these organic essential oils at affordable prices and in varying quantities. One can also order for bilk essential oils online with great ease. But, remember the dosage of these oils should in recommended proportions.


Incorporate Natural Essential Oils to Yoga Practice that Helps in Elevating Healthy Life

People often perform yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy as it is considered as a perfect combination of nose, mind and body. It is very simple and easy to bring enhancement in yoga practice using Natural Essential Oils. Most of the people, however, don’t know the benefits that it imparts to body and mind. When essential oils and yoga practice is combined, they show a result that is really unbelievable. It gives the individual a refreshed and energetic feeling.

Natural Essential Oils

These days it is very easy and simple to buy Natural Essential Oils via online oil store. Acclaimed for catering a wide range of organic essential oils, this website has achieved a recognized place in different parts of the country. Always keep in mind the below-mentioned points before starting its usage so that one can fully enjoy the natural essence of plants and its various parts:

  • Before you start using natural essential oil, it is suggested to wear clothes accordingly in order to avoid any unwanted issues.

  • When applying oil, keep a proper distance from the yoga mat as the slippery nature of the oil might cause damage or harm to the body.

  • As essential oils are concentrated in nature so its direct application may cause unwanted skin problem. So, it should first be diluted using suitable carrier oil then applied to the affected area and keep you away from burns and irritation of skin.

  • On adding a few drops to essential oil to the jewellery such as bracelet (exclusively designed for this purpose) is yet another way that will make a path for essential oils so that it can enter in the body.

  • Using a diffuser, it is very much easy to spread essential oil that will fill the space with its pleasing fragrance in minimum possible time.

In order to make sure as which essential oil is good for your body, first of all find out the purpose of its usage as different organic oil is used for different purposes such as

Natural Essential Oils suppliers

  • To clam done stressed mind and relax body, there are Natural Essential Oils such as Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Cedarwood.

  • To feel refreshed and energetic, use Cypress Natural Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oils are the best option.

  • To enhance concentration and focus, you can Peppermint, Orange, Frankincense and Lemon essential oils. These oils on its proper usages will help in boosting the energy level and also increases concentration when used during yoga.

  • To make important organ of the bodywork well when there’s breathing problem, use Eucalyptus or Peppermint Essential Oil near chest. On proper application of these oils, airways of the body opens up and this help lungs to work in a proper condition.

  • To ward off pain from last day of the yoga, you can apply Basil Essential Oil. Blend suitable carrier oil to this essential oil and apply the oil mixture on the painful muscle and see the miracle. Sore muscles will get soothe on proper application and you will feel relaxed.

  • To uplift the spirit and mind, it is suggested to use Natural Essential Oils Clary Sage, Clove, Lavender, Basil, Peppermint, etc.

Many other natural essential oils are there besides one that is mentioned above. Here at, you get a chance to have a quick and easy view of different types of Natural Essential Oils and many other types of naturally extracted oils, attars and massage blends. Purchasing these oils from here is very simple and convenient so that it is easily reachable to people from different parts of the country and outside boundary. So, do not miss a chance to keep your healthy and stress-free and check out the different products offered at reputed online Natural Essential Oils suppliers as per the convenient time.

Looking for Spice Oils for Skin & Hair? Try Cardamom Oil

Cardamom, popularly known as Elaichi, is one of the most popular spices of India. It imparts a mouth-watering flavor to the dishes when added to it. Today, this spice is becoming very popular among the general population as it can also be used for extracting oils from it that is commonly termed as Cardamom Spice Oils. Many Spice Oils Suppliers have flourished in the market that is allowing people to buy such oil online and use it for their respective needs.

natural Spice Oils Exporters

Surprisingly, Cardamom Oil is used for many skin and hair care benefits. You can easily buy this oil from the reputed online Wholesale Spice Oils supplier such as Below are mentioned a few application of this oil for skin and hair that will definitely be useful to you in case you want to keep your skin and hair flawless using naturally extracted products:

  1. Acts as a Natural Skin Cleanser

When this oil is applied to the skin, it acts an effective skin cleanser where it opens the pores of the skin and also prevents outbreaks of pimples and acne.

  1. Provides Glow to Skin

Online Pure Essential oils exporters

Those looking for natural spice oil for getting glowing skin can buy Cardamom oil from natural Spice Oils Exporters online. This oil is rich in manganese and Vitamin C that works a powerful antioxidant agent that also detoxify the entire body. Once the skin gets rid of free radicals, skin becomes healthy & glowing.

  1. Excellent Skin Toner

Cardamom Oils that appears yellow in color acts as a natural skin toner that prevents premature aging of the skin and also keeps it toned giving it a youthful look. This property of the oil is mainly attributed to the antioxidants ingredient present in it.

  1. Effective Disinfecting Property

To keep you away from skin infections, on one hand where Cardamom Oil is used as antiseptic and on the other hand, it is high in demand as a disinfectant for skin when used after mixing water to it.

  1. Efficient for Hair

It is very simple & easy to buy this spice oil from Online Pure Essential oils exporters and use it for keeping hair healthy. Mixed with distilled water, when it is applied to hair, it lightens hair without any undesired effect. Those who are suffering from dandruff issue can apply Cardamom oil for a smooth & shiny look. As a disinfectant, you can apply this oil on the scalp daily to overcome scalp infection issues and its antioxidant property helps to maintain good hair health.

Wholesale Spice Oils

There are many other benefits of this Spice oil on health in addition to hair and skin that you can get when you will use this gift of nature. is acknowledged as one of the leading Spice Oils Suppliers and manufacturers in the global market. This USFDA-approved online oil store is also in demand for supplying Traditional Indian Attars, Oleoresins, Flower Oils, Natural Essential Oils, Mint oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Massage & Spa Oils, Carrier & Base Oils and a lot more. These offered oils are used in many industries such as Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Cosmetics, Food, Perfumery and other allied industry. Explore today this easy to use the e-oil portal, place the order and get the oils right to the shipping address within the promised time.